Why You Should Consider Having Your Wedding At A Corporate Event Venue

11 November 2022
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For many couples, the venue for their wedding is one of the hardest parts of planning the big day. Where should you hold the ceremony? Should the ceremony and reception be at the same place? If you prefer to hold your ceremony and reception in one location you might want to consider having it at a corporate event venue. You might think that these venues are only set up to hold conferences or product launches but they can be a great place to hold your wedding too. Read More 

How Women Can Choose The Perfect Bridal Gown For Their Special Day

23 August 2022
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Women often dream about the day they can marry their significant other. If it's about to happen to you, make sure you carefully select a bridal gown. You want to look your best and not have any second thoughts about your selection after all. Making this all-important wedding purchase is manageable if you take these precautions. Start With a Budget The price ranges for wedding gowns today vary considerably and for this reason, the first thing you really want to focus on is budget. Read More 

Your Wedding Dress Shopping Group — What’s The Right Size?

13 May 2022
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Wedding dress shopping is a long-awaited tradition for many brides. And who you bring to the boutique with you will have a big impact on its success and your enjoyment of the experience. So, how many people should you bring? And how many is too many? There is no strict perfect number, so here are a few guidelines to find your own ideal group size. Bring Enough People for Different Opinions Read More 

5 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants In A Venue

15 February 2022
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Choosing a wedding venue is a very personal decision for every engaged couple. But looking at it with an eye to what your photographer wants in the space can help create lasting, stunning photos that you'll treasure forever. So, what might your photographer like to see? Here are a few key things to look for: 1. Plenty of Options. The more diverse locations and backdrops your venue offers, the more the photographer has to work with. Read More