5 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants In A Venue

15 February 2022
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Choosing a wedding venue is a very personal decision for every engaged couple. But looking at it with an eye to what your photographer wants in the space can help create lasting, stunning photos that you'll treasure forever. So, what might your photographer like to see? Here are a few key things to look for:

1. Plenty of Options. The more diverse locations and backdrops your venue offers, the more the photographer has to work with. So be sure to look for variety. This might include inside and outdoor locations, interesting art or architecture, stairs, hidden nooks, or separate outbuildings.  

2. Good Lighting. Lighting is key to getting great pictures. Natural sunlight — especially just before sunset and after sunrise — is the best option, as it is almost universally flattering. Look for good natural lighting when you tour. However, plenty of warm artificial light and the ability to change lighting options can help fill the gap too. 

3. Small Details. Photographers notice the small details, and they make the best use of them. A gorgeous banister might be a great place to photograph flower girls or drape the wedding dress for some pre-party pictures. They might place the bride or groom on an ornate window sill or use an upholstered chair as a prop. Small, unique, and interesting details provide inspiration and make more interesting pictures.

4. Space to Maneuver. Remember that your photographer(s) will need to move around all the time in order to capture every special moment from every angle possible. Check venues to see if they will have the space needed to work properly. This is particularly important if the ceremony venue is indoors, lush, or small. And if you have a large wedding party or large family groups, make sure there's room to get them all together for pictures.

5. Your Enthusiasm. How do you feel about the venue? A couple who loves their wedding arrangements will have more natural warmth, openness, and joy. These emotions come through in photographs, and they create better pictures and a more successful photo shoot. So your photographer wants you to listen to your gut and choose a space that fits your personality and brings you peace. 

Begin by touring wedding venues in your area today. As you look at them through the eye of your future wedding photographer, you're sure to make a great choice. And the end result will be fantastic pictures and a joyful wedding day.