Why You Should Consider Having Your Wedding At A Corporate Event Venue

11 November 2022
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For many couples, the venue for their wedding is one of the hardest parts of planning the big day. Where should you hold the ceremony? Should the ceremony and reception be at the same place? If you prefer to hold your ceremony and reception in one location you might want to consider having it at a corporate event venue.

You might think that these venues are only set up to hold conferences or product launches but they can be a great place to hold your wedding too. Here are some reasons why you should consider having your wedding at a corporate event venue. 

Modern And Interesting Decor 

One of the best reasons for having your wedding at a corporate event venue is that many of them have unique and modern architecture that can look great in pictures. They are often large enough to hold both your ceremony and reception by either dividing the room into two separate areas or by booking adjoining rooms where you can hold your ceremony and then move into the next room for your reception.

Many corporate event venues have modern decor for couples that love that look. It can make your decorating easier because you can incorporate elements of the space into your overall theme.

Corporate Event Spaces Have Catering

Part of planning a wedding is finding a caterer that can create the types of dishes you and your guests would love. This can take a lot of research to narrow down caterers that produce food in the manner you enjoy. Instead, when you book a corporate event venue, the venue most likely will have access to a list of caterers that you can choose from.

In many cases, a corporate event venue also has its own in-house staff that you could use instead of searching for a separate caterer. You can speak to the in-house staff to see if they can create a menu that would suit your needs. In many cases, when you hire a corporate event venue's in-house staff, you could get a discount on their services.

There Is Access To The Venue's Furniture

It's possible with some venues you are considering that you may have to find your own furniture like chairs, tables or even room dividers. This can get costly if you are planning a large wedding. Instead, when you book your wedding at a corporate event venue, you most likely will have access to the venue's own furniture included in the price of the venue's rental or for a small extra fee. 

In many cases, the venue may have various styles of chairs and tables to choose from so you can design your wedding to suit your tastes.

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