Your Wedding Dress Shopping Group — What's The Right Size?

13 May 2022
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Wedding dress shopping is a long-awaited tradition for many brides. And who you bring to the boutique with you will have a big impact on its success and your enjoyment of the experience. So, how many people should you bring? And how many is too many? There is no strict perfect number, so here are a few guidelines to find your own ideal group size.

Bring Enough People for Different Opinions

One of the most important reasons to bring along some of your closest friends or family is to get their opinions on dresses. The ideal group for dress shopping is usually one that includes those who know you well enough to offer suggestions based on your own interests, style, and taste. But they should also be able to be honest with you, including when you disagree. 

Don't Bring So Many That You Take Over

When planning your party size, keep the shop and its staff in mind. If the boutique is small, they may not have enough space to host a large party without getting in the way of other groups. Even if the space is large enough, you don't want to monopolize the staff or create so much ruckus that it bothers other guests. You know the makeup of your circle of friends best, so your judgment is key. 

Bring Enough People to Have Fun

Of course, the purpose of having an entourage when dress shopping is also to share it with your loved ones. So prioritize your closest circle and include them. But make your group a fun one. Limit it to those who are supportive and want to be there. Don't feel obligated to invite people for financial reasons or even family relationships. 

Don't Bring So Many That It's Complex

The more people you include in your shopping trip, the more work you may make for yourself. This is meant to be a fun, romantic, and memorable experience. Don't let it become so large that you have to wrangle lots of people, arrange transportation, accommodate schedules, or referee arguments. Keep it simple so that you can stay focused on the positive. 

Where to Start

As you consider these key factors, your ideal bridal boutique shopping group size will begin to emerge. Start today by meeting with wedding dress shops in your area such as The Steel Magnolia. Along with learning more about their size and staffing, you'll also get the benefit of their experience with many other brides and grooms. Call today to make an appointment.