Why You Need To Say Yes To Premarital Counseling Before You Say I Do

26 July 2023
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Getting ready for a wedding involves a lot of little details and a lot of planning to make your special day a success. Between finding a great wedding venue, deciding how many people to invite, sending out invitations, and deciding what music to choose, attending premarital counseling may be the last thing on your mind. However, premarital counseling is often a requirement if you are being married by a pastor or in a church, but even if it is not required, it can be helpful for getting your marriage off to a great start.

Realistic expectations

It is not uncommon for a couple to be so in love and excited about spending their entire life together that they enter a marriage relationship unprepared for reality. In fact, it is easy to see only the good and positive things when you are in love and happy. Going to premarital counseling will help you have realistic expectations about how a marriage relationship works so you will not be disappointed when challenges happen.

Early intervention

It can be easy to overlook the subtle signs of conflict in a marriage relationship. Failing to see the signs of problems early allows them to spiral out of control. Premarital counseling will help you be aware of the things you need to look for so you can address little issues before they become major problems. 

Meeting each other's needs

When both spouses are getting their needs met, the marriage relationship will flourish. For those who are used to living alone and being independent, thinking about meeting someone else's needs may not occur naturally. Marriage counseling can help you understand the importance of meeting each other's needs for physical intimacy and emotional wellness.

Establish healthy marriage goals

Having a list of marriage goals can help a couple build a solid foundation for their marriage relationship. These goals will be different for each couple but are important for understanding what each partner expects from the marriage relationship. Working on these goals together can help strengthen the marriage relationship in the future.

While premarital counseling may seem like one more thing you have to add to your already long list of wedding plans, it will be worth it. No marriage is perfect, and no matter how well you get along, there will be problems that arise at some point. Premarital counseling can help you be prepared when challenges arise and will also teach you how to communicate effectively and establish guidelines to make your marriage work.

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