Creative Ways To Decorate The Aisle At Your Wedding Venue

18 January 2023
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As you plan your dream wedding, you need to work on creating a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. To do this, pay special attention to decorating the aisle in your wedding venue. With some creative touches, you can make this area magical and memorable for you and your guests.  

Here are some unique ideas for creating an enchanting aisle experience on your special day.

Install Illuminated Columns

Installing illuminated columns is a great way to add a unique and romantic ambiance to your wedding aisle. Illuminated columns look stunning at night and will make a real statement when lined up along the aisle while also providing soft lighting that won't be too bright or harsh.

You don't have to limit yourself to just column lights, though—you can be creative with what you choose to light up! This could include fabric-wrapped trees, crystal chandeliers, floating candles, or flower installations. 

You could even opt for a combination of different lighting fixtures to create a unique look. For instance, you could pair illuminated columns with hanging lanterns or a row of twinkle lights.

Not only do these decorations create beautiful visual effects on their own, but they will also give your photographer plenty of opportunities for dramatic shots.

Keep in mind that whatever you decide to light up should fit within the budget while still creating the desired effect. This way, you won't break the bank and can still achieve your vision for the aisle.

Add Greenery and Flowers

Adding greenery and flowers is a timeless way to decorate the aisle at your wedding venue. From lush foliage to statement flower installations, this traditional decoration provides endless options for making your aisle look unique and special.

Depending on the type of plants, you can create a wild and romantic atmosphere with trailing ivy leaves or a natural and elegant look with lush ferns, roses, lilies, or peonies. If you want to add an extra touch of beauty, you can string up lights along the sides of the aisle for an illuminated effect.

Another option is to line up potted succulents or herbs for an eclectic feel. This can also be carried through other areas of the venue, like centerpieces on tables. You could even have the succulents double as favors for guests to take home.

Whether you decide on a single kind of flower or a mix of different blooms, adding greenery and flowers to the aisle is a great way to add color and texture while creating a romantic atmosphere.