Should You Hire A Wedding Planner For Your Small Wedding?

22 July 2020
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You have a smaller wedding coming up, and you feel like you have most of the details handled on your own. However, hiring a wedding planner can take a lot of stress and frustration out of preparing for your big day, which is why around 27% of people who get married hire one. The national average for a wedding planner's services is $1,500, easily incorporated into any wedding budget for most.

Should you hire a wedding planner for your big day, even if it's more of an intimate affair? Here is a guide to help you determine if you need to hire a wedding planner or not for your wedding.

You've got everything under control

If you have everything under control and you have a great support team of family and friends to help prepare everything for your wedding, then you may not need to hire a wedding planner. Keep in mind, though, the more you delegate out to family and friends and the more of your wedding you try to take over yourself, the less fun planning your wedding may be and the more likely you can be to start butting heads with others who are trying to help.

Here's a good rule of thumb for hiring a wedding planner or not: if you have too many fingers in the pie attempting to guide your wedding this direction or that, then hire a wedding planner to take over. If you've got the day planned out and your helpers are all lined out and cooperative, then a day-of wedding planner assistant can be of use.

You've got no serious concerns

Are you all set up with a backup plan in case weather doesn't go your way on your big day? Is the venue for-sure booked and ready to go? Is the wedding party all accounted for and everyone knows their role in your wedding? Do you have the menu all planned out and a way to prepare and serve the food?

If you have no serious concerns, then a wedding planner can be someone you can hire on a part-time or as-needed basis just to make sure you have an extra set of eyes on your big day. However, if you have even the slightest concern about something major happening on your wedding day — such as rain on your outdoor wedding — then hiring a professional wedding planner to make sure your big day goes smoothly is a wise investment all around.