Planning A Warm-Weather Wedding? 3 Venue Options To Consider

17 January 2020
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Many people prefer scheduling their wedding when there is cooler weather on the horizon. A fall wedding can be comfortable, and a winter wedding can be magical especially if there is snow falling. However, a warm-weather wedding can also be enjoyable as long as you plan your event the right way. If you are planning a warm-weather wedding, here are a few great venue options to consider.

Beach Properties

If you really want to enjoy the warm weather while celebrating your nuptials with friends and family, consider having your wedding at the beach.

Of course, you are not restricted to locations when it comes to your ceremony and reception. Many couples will choose to book a venue, such as a hotel or restaurant, for their special day where they can choose to have the ceremony on the actual beach and the reception inside the actual venue.

When planning a beach wedding, be sure to choose a location that is within traveling distance to your friends and family. This will ensure traveling to your wedding will not be expensive or stressful. You should also send out save-the-date notices well in advance when planning a beach wedding.

Lakefront Venue

If you want a water view without having to travel to a beach, opt for a lakefront venue. This can be a great option, especially since there are multiple lakes in most states, so you can enjoy the water without the worry of long-distance traveling in many instances.

A large lakehouse can be booked to house your bridal party and even close family members. You can choose to have the reception in a local restaurant or actual wedding venue at the lake after exchanging vows overlooking the water.

Barn/Farm Venues

Finally, research local farms in your area. You may not think these would be good locations for a wedding, especially when the weather is warmer, but they can offer beautiful scenery and protection from the heat, humidity, and possible rain when planned correctly.

An evening ceremony overlooking the farm can be elegant. Then, enjoy a reception inside a decorated, illuminated, and climate-controlled barn.

String lights through the top of the barn's ceiling, bring in numerous tables for seating, hire musical entertainment, and plan a buffet-style meal for your loved ones to celebrate together.

In the evening, you can open up the barn doors to allow the cool breeze to flow through.

Help is available planning a wedding even when the weather is warmer. This guide will give you a few location/venue ideas for your warm-weather event. Research localwedding venue packages to learn more about your options.