Love The Idea Of A Small Wedding? Try A Micro-Wedding Instead

20 August 2019
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One of the biggest trends in weddings today is the growing popularity of the micro-wedding. What is a micro-wedding? And how does it differ from merely a small wedding? Here are a few answers to help you decide if this is the right way to celebrate your big day.

What Is a Micro-wedding?

Micro-weddings grew out of the rebellion against an ever-growing wedding industry and all the expectations that come along with it. Different types of couples found themselves not attracted to a large, traditional ceremony and reception. This could include introverted couples who don't want a big fuss, those who don't have a lot of family or a large group of friends to please, and people who don't want to spend the six-figure budgets of many weddings.

A micro-wedding is, as its name suggests, a wedding held on a particularly small scale. It downsizes not just the guest list but also the activities of traditional nuptials. The ceremony is often shorter and more succinct. The reception's traditions are often skipped or abbreviated as well. You can opt to forgo things like the traditional wedding cake slicing, family or bridal party toasts, cocktail hour, or multiple ritual first dances.

How Does a Micro-wedding Differ From a Small Wedding? 

A modern micro-wedding isn't just a small wedding. A 'small wedding' is really just a scaled-down version of a traditional marriage party. It often involves a smaller venue and fewer guests. But the steps are largely the same — a full bridal party, traditional photo shoot, standard ceremony, full meal, and a party afterward. The entire event, no matter whether large or small, is usually done in a traditional venue and takes about half a day.

A micro-wedding, though, scales down all the steps of getting married. It rids itself of many obligations, such as having a bridal party at all, in favor of simplicity and speed. A micro-wedding usually has fewer than 20 guests and can happen anywhere — a restaurant, your backyard, a cute rental cabin, or a park, for example. It eschews standard rigmarole and lasts as little as two or three hours.

In short, when you plan a micro-wedding, you throw out the rule book and plan a day that focuses on you as a couple, the people who really are most important to you, and the traditions you truly value. 

Does a micro-wedding sound like the right choice for you and your partner? For the right couple, it not only saves money and work, but it might just save their big day.