Four Questions For Wedding Planners

30 August 2018
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Stress related to your wedding can ruin the excitement, happiness, and affection which should be the focus of that day. Wedding planning services can relieve you of that stress, but only when you've hired a planner that is compatible with you and experienced with tasks that will produce a gorgeous wedding. Ask wedding planners about these issues before hiring someone.

Have You Ever Done a Wedding Like Ours?

If you're planning an outdoor or destination wedding, you'll need someone who has done similar weddings before. Different weddings have special issues which experienced people will be prepared for and will handle well. For instance, if you're planning nuptials in a beautiful forest setting, you may need portable toilets, tarps, and other things--a planner familiar with such weddings will understand what you need and come up with even more items that ease things for everyone in that setting.

Can We Work with Any Vendors?

Most planners have a roster of vendors to supply flowers and supplies. This can be cost-saving and beneficial for you, and because they work with the same vendors, they are likely to get favors or quicker service. However, if you, your soon-to-be spouse, or relatives find vendors independently, you're going to want to work with them. Therefore, you should ask planners about how they work with vendors they're not used to---or if they even do work with vendors they aren't familiar with.

How Involved Are You on the Wedding Day?

Some planners will work with you to plan the event and to set up decorations. Some planners will act as a master of ceremonies on your wedding day. You'll need to know what kind of planner you're working with before you hire them. You may just need organizational help as you plan, but you alternatively might really want someone who will be there on the special day to help you get through each part of the day so you can focus on your partner.

How Are Problems Handled?

Stressful things will happen; you need a qualified planner that can quickly arrive at solutions and calmly handle all the personalities involved in the planning and execution of your wedding. Their style of dealing with people or handling problems must be compatible with your own values and attitudes, so ask.

With a good planner, your wedding should be less stressful for you and more beautiful than you imagined. These planning questions should help you select someone qualified and compatible with you, your spouse and your families.