3 Tips For Having A Fun Reception

3 April 2018
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If you want your reception to have more of a party feeling to it, you are going to need to make sure that you set up the environment in order for that to happen. It is up to you and your wedding party to set the mood at your wedding. If you want your wedding to feel more like the best party you ever attended, you'll need to take specific steps to make that happen.

Create a Real Dance Floor

It is really common for wedding receptions to just use the open space that is left over after all the tables are set up on the dance floor. This creates an open dance floor, where the lighting is not really that different from the rest of the floor.

If you think back to school dances and clubs though, one of the most important elements of the dance floor is the lighting. It's how the dancefloor feels like a different place, be that with strobe lights, black lights, or a fog machine.

If you really want people to dance like they did at your favorite school dance or night out with your best friends, you need to create an environment that mirrors that experience.

Set up different lights and really make the dance floor into its own space. Hire a DJ that has experiencing not just playing music, but setting up a light show as well.

Have A Limited Open Bar

Next, if you are going for a party experience, have a limited open bar. Determine what you want the bar to serve so that you can have greater control over the bill at the end of the night.

For example, perhaps you serve a white and red wine, two different types of beer, and two different types of cocktails. Or perhaps your friends and family are more cocktail lovers, so you have four or five set cocktails that you serve. Having a semi-open bar, where people can choose what they want to drink from a limited menu, can allow individuals to choose what to drink without having to fork over cash to the bartender at your wedding.

Bring Some Comfy Clothing

Finally, make sure that you are able to have fun at your wedding. Perhaps when it gets to the dance portion of the night, you both change into more comfortable clothing. If one of you is wearing a suit, maybe you switch to a more relaxed shirt and slacks. If one of you is wearing a big wedding dress, maybe you slip it off for a little white dress that you can really move in. Both of you may want to slip into more comfortable shoes as well. Bring some clothes that you can have fun in.

If you want to have a real dance party at your wedding, create a real dancing environment with the right lights, music, and atmosphere. To learn more, contact a reception center like Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Spa