4 Things To Put In Your Customized Wedding Bags

21 June 2017
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Getting married is a special time in your life. You will want to do all you can to make this day as memorable as possible. The key to accomplishing this goal may largely rest on the little things you do on your wedding day. One thing you will want to consider has customized wedding bags to give your guests. Knowing some things each of these bags should contain may be helpful to you.

Wedding schedule

There are sure to be some activities you may have planned for your big wedding day. These may range from the rehearsal to the reception and many things in between.

Taking time to create a detailed schedule of the happenings during this time can be a great way to keep your event more organized for you and your guests.


Who doesn't love to have something on hand to eat when at a special event of this type? One way to keep your guests happy and being able to avoid hunger is to have snacks in your wedding bags.

Some ideas include pretzels, fruit, and chocolate just to name a few. Of course, think about things your guests may individually enjoy eating to help make this even better for the people on your guest list.

Useful items

It can be hard for your guests to remember everything when attending a wedding that is out of town. One way to be helpful is to add many useful items to this bag and listed below are some great ideas:

1.    Sewing kits – Being able to fix a tear in clothing easily may come in handy for some of your guests.

2.    Bobby pins – Creating the right hairdo can be done by using this item.

3.    Toothbrush – Having a toothbrush and mini-sized toothpaste in this bag can be helpful.

4.    Aspirin -It's possible your guests may have a headache or need for some fast pain relief, and this should be included.

Small candles

Adding this scented product can be an ideal way to let your guests feel special and appreciated. This can be used in a hotel room to help make the stay more comfortable.

Taking the time to think of ways to make your wedding bag as unique and extraordinary as possible is important. Be sure to work in close collaboration with the professional that is the charge of planning your wedding to assist you today!

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