How To Decorate A Beach-Themed Wedding Reception

22 March 2017
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If you can have your wedding on the beach due to logistical or financial reasons, use your favorite vacation destination as decor theme inspiration for your wedding reception. No matter what your reception budget is, you can give the venue a beach-inspired feel that will transport guests to a tropical oasis. 

A beach-themed reception will work for any type of event venue, such as a large hall, a country club or hotel ballroom, a rustic country barn or an intimate backyard setting. You can rent, purchase or even make some of the decor yourself, depending on your preferences. 

Here are some ideas for decorating a beach-themed wedding reception venue:

1. Lighting Elements 

If you're holding an evening or nighttime celebration, lighting will be one of the first decor elements to consider. When choosing lighting, go with either traditional white bulbs, or shades of blue to set the beach-inspired tone.

As one idea, wrap string lights around barn rafters, tree trunks, or indoor pillars, depending on what type of venue you're using. The soft lighting will give the event space a warm, inviting glow reminiscent of an intimate beachfront bar or restaurant. 

For a whimsical look, choose string light bulb covers in starfish, seahorse and seashell designs. You can also replace regular bulbs with blue-colored ones throughout the venue to give the space an oceanfront feel. If you're renting an LED-lit dance floor, use bulbs in watery hues of turquoise and green. 

2. Table Centerpieces 

Table centerpieces are often the focal points of a reception venue, so choose ones that stand out. As one option, you can fill the bottoms of tall glass vases with sand and then nestle blue or white pillar candles inside. Sprinkle small seashells over the sand as a decorative touch.

Instead of sand, you can fill the vases with turquoise blue glass gemstones and set a few larger seashells on top. Next, fill the vase with water and then set a floating candle on top to complete the look. 

For guest place setting decor that doubles as favors, fill small glass candle holders with sand and seashells, and then place tealights inside. Along with decoration, they'll also provide soft illumination throughout the dinner. 

3. Table Linens 

Set the stage for a beach-inspired event by covering the bridal party and guest tables with crisp white tablecloths topped by turquoise blue runners. Place turquoise cushions on the chairs to create a cohesive look, or tie airy organza bows around the backs.

Secure cloth napkins with rings featuring starfish or seashell designs. You can create your own by purchasing plain gold or silver rings and gluing the beach treasures on top. 

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