4 Fun Reasons To Fulfill Your 'Burning Love' With A Las Vegas Wedding

17 June 2015
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Now that you and your significant other have decided to take the next step toward man and wife, your mind is likely racing with various wedding plans. A big wedding or a small wedding? Something traditional or more casual? Despite the excitement involved with getting married, planning a wedding can often prove to be a major ordeal that brings with it a lot of stress. On the other hand, a Vegas wedding can make wedding planning much simpler for many reasons.

You Can Remove Stress When You're 'All Shook Up'

If you are like most normal people, you likely associate weddings with joyful bliss and happiness. Of course, there is a darker side to weddings that no one likes to talk about…Stress! Believe it or not, many brides-to-be experience a panic attack because of the nervousness and worry they feel over wedding planning. There are many reasons a bride may feel stressed, including:

  • Cost – The average budget for a wedding and ceremony in the U.S. is just over $28,300.
  • DIY – Many brides have at least one element of DIY in their wedding, whether it be DIY decorations, invitations, or programs. However, the DIY approach may often prove more stressful and time consuming than you originally imagined.
  • Family – It can be extremely stressful when members of your family disagree over your wedding plans, particularly if both your family and your future spouse's family fight to have their say.
  • Bridal Party – You cannot make everyone happy. For instance, you might not be able to ask every single friend to be a bridesmaid, and not all of your bridesmaids will agree on the same dress.

Of course, going to Vegas allows you to escape from many of the stresses involved with wedding planning. There are many chapels that handle the planning for you. Better yet, you can keep the ceremony small and a smaller guest list means a much smaller budget.

You Can Wear Your Favorite 'Blue Suede Shoes'

Getting married in Las Vegas means you can skip the traditional white dress altogether. Instead, you can feel free to wear what makes you feel most comfortable. Would you rather get married in a short, simple dress? Maybe even a pair of pants instead of a dress? Vegas wedding chapels afford you the chance to have a fun wedding rather than one that is perhaps expensive and uncomfortable. You can marry your loved one in the dress of your dreams or jeans, a t-shirt, and your favorite shoes.

You Can Save Money and 'That's All Right'

Okay, to be honest here, saving money is more than just alright. It's fabulous. Even on a budget, many brides end up spending far too much on their special event. Fortunately, you can save money by skipping the traditional white wedding and heading off to Vegas instead. For starters, you can have your cake and eat it too by combining both your wedding and your honeymoon.

After the wedding, you and your spouse can spend the next few days enjoying the sights and activities Vegas has to offer. Enjoy a stroll down the Strip, a bit of gambling, and perhaps visit some iconic locations. Rather than spending several thousand on a ceremony and reception and another several thousand on a romantic or tropical honeymoon, enjoy the far less costly alternative of a Vegas wedding and honeymoon combined.

You Can Enjoy Your Wedding 'Viva Las Vegas' Style

Rather than creating traditional wedding memories, a Vegas wedding allows you to create fun, unique memories. You will have quite the stories to tell you friends, relatives, and perhaps even your kids one day. For example, you can enjoy getting married with the help of an Elvis impersonator. Not many traditional brides can say the same.

Many Vegas chapels offer complete wedding packages. You may even find it possible to save money on a hotel stay if you combine both your wedding and your honeymoon into one Vegas-style package. Contact or visit a Las Vegas chapel for assistance in finding out what you need in terms of funds and identification because when it comes to your wedding, it's 'Now or Never.'