Four Types Of Wedding Venues For The Budget-Conscious Bride

26 July 2017
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Not everyone has $20,000 or $50,000 to spend on a wedding, and that's perfectly okay. Your wedding day is meant to be a celebration of your love for each other, and that celebration will be just as meaningful on a small budget. Since one of the most expensive parts of planning a wedding is reserving the venue, you'll want to look into venues that are affordably priced. Here are four ideas for places you should be able to reserve at a very low cost -- or perhaps even for free:

County and State Parks

If there are any county or state parks in your area, see whether they have a pavilion you can rent out for your wedding. Most do, and sometimes these pavilions can even be reserved for free as long as you are a resident of the county the park is located within. An outdoor wedding is easy to make inexpensive all-around, and a pavilion ensures that even if there is rain, you have some shelter.


Local wineries often rent out their grounds for weddings. Who wouldn't enjoy taking beautiful wedding pictures in front of a field of grapes? Be aware that while some wineries may offer complete wedding packages, this is probably not what you're looking for if you're on a tight budget. You're looking for a place that will just give you use of their grounds for a day in exchange for a small fee. You can bring in your own caterer, photographer, etc.

Government Buildings

If you live anywhere near your state's Capitol building, contact the grounds department to see whether they rent out rooms or space on the grounds for events. Many Capitol buildings and other government buildings do so as a way of utilizing the space on weekends when it would otherwise be vacant. The grounds of such buildings are typically very well landscaped, which can make for some wonderful photo opportunities. And rental fees are usually very affordable.

The Beach

You may be able to hold a small wedding on a public beach without even paying for or reserving anything. If you have a somewhat larger guest list, you may want to call the beach and ask if you can reserve it for a few hours. They will often rope off a section just for the wedding. Of course, your guests will be free to roam around the rest of the beach, too, so you really get a very large venue for the price of a small one.

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